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How can I run Neon EVM?

Where can I find the Testnet RPC and ChainID?

You can find the Testnet RPC and ChainID at

Will the Mainnet addresses for USDC/USDT/BTC/ETH be the same as they are in Testnet?

No, the addresses for USDC/USDT/BTC/ETH won't be the same for Mainnet.

Can I use the Solana Devnet proxy for the Neon EVM?

Yes, you can. Find the instructions on how to do so at

How much should a Neon operator deposit for executing a transaction?

The deposit amount should be 5,000 lamports.

Is there an explorer to view Neon transactions, or do I use Solana's explorer?

Currently you will be able to use Solscan explorer to view Neon transactions