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How can I use Neon?

How do I start using dApps deployed on the Neon EVM?

To start using a dApp deployed on the Neon EVM as a user, you should have an account within with a balance in NEON.

What tools does a Neon EVM user need to start using the Neon EVM?

As a user, all you need is a MetaMask wallet pointed to the Neon network. For a description of how to set up this configuration, check out this quick tutorial.

What tools does a Neon EVM operator need to run the Neon EVM?

A Neon EVM operator needs the following:

  1. The Neon Web3 Proxy. A dedicated RPC Solana node for operators is highly desirable.
  2. A Solana account (wallet) funded with SOL tokens.

See details here.

How do Neon EVM users pay for using dApps deployed on the Neon EVM?

A Neon EVM user would simply transfer funds to the address of the dApp (contract).

What happens if no Neon EVM operators accept my requested Neon transaction?

In this scenario, a Neon EVM user will have two options:

  1. Increase the fee to be paid for the successful execution of their transaction.
  2. Perform the Neon transaction on their own.

How do I transfer the token contracts deployed on the proxy network to my Phantom wallet?

Solana wallets do not work with the Neon EVM. You need to use MetaMask. In the future, SOL/SPL tokens will be available in MetaMask.