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Governance Overview

Objectives of Governance

Neon governance is the process by which community stakeholders:

  • Reach consensus on solving issues that cannot be fully covered by software algorithms.
  • Develop rules for the functioning of governance in accordance with the decisions stakeholders make, and record and store rules within the blockchain.
  • Change the governance rules themselves through contractual amendments.

Since the results depend on Neon stability, a high level of coordination must be ensured when making changes to the management and technical processes to ensure that any changes to Neon are secure and approved by the community. It is also necessary to make the process of resolving issues related to Neon management transparent.

Submitting and Evaluating Proposals

Any Neon user can submit an idea, which is called a Neon improvement proposal. Each proposal is included in the list of promising solutions (use cases) and discussed on a forum. After a proposal is submitted, it goes through a formal life cycle of technical reviews, research, and discussions. The need for discussion allows management to exclude the implementation of inefficient or risky solutions in Neon.

Proposals can affect both the management and technical processes of Neon. If this is a proposal to change the logic of system contracts or to improve the technical capabilities of Neon, then this proposal must be tested on either Devnet or Testnet. Proposals for the implementation of new features associated with risk or high labor costs go through the following formal process:

  • Substantiation of the need to implement this proposal, taking into account its labor intensity and relevance.
  • Development of technical specifications for the implementation of this proposal.
  • Appointment of a worker for the implementation of the proposal. The worker may be an individual, a group of individuals, or a third-party company.
  • Verification and decision on acceptance of the work done.

Stakeholders make the final decision to change the logic of system contracts, to implement new functionality associated with risks or high costs, and can also take action against community members whose actions may harm the development of Neon.

Stakeholders make all decisions through voting using the Neon Governance application. The status of current proposals and decisions on them are displayed on the main page of the Neon Governance application.

Forum Features in the Neon Project Improvements

The forum provides transparency, which is vital to the project because it increases the number of people who understand and can improve the project.

The forum also increases the decentralization of the project, involving both Neon developers and third-party teams in the discussion of ideas. It allows everyone to express their opinion on a particular proposal.

However, the forum is not the place for:

  • General discussion
  • Advertising
  • Off-topic conversations
  • Political discussions

Governance UI Features in the Neon Project Improvements

The purpose of Governance UI is to:

  • Store proposals and their related votes in the network's state.
  • Increase the decentralization of governance through decision-making by majority vote.
  • Avoid imposing ideas or their implementations.
  • Eliminate the adoption of ambitious decisions, the implementation of which is associated with high risk.

General Statements for Stakeholders

  • Members must not threaten other members.
  • No member should improperly influence the vote of another.
  • Members agree to hold software developers harmless for unintentional mistakes made by them in the expression of contractual intent, whether or not said mistakes were due to actual or perceived negligence.