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Running a Proxy server

This guide is for people who want to register with Neon EVM as a proxy operator for processing transactions on Solana. It is assumed these people have previous experience compiling Solana-based blockchain nodes or have worked as blockchain validators.


Ethereum users have the opportunity to run their smart contract-based applications on Solana via Neon EVM. Smart contracts generate transactions in accordance with the Ethereum rules and submit them to Neon EVM. Since the structures of Ethereum and Solana transactions differ from each other, Neon EVM contains special proxy servers that are responsible for converting and executing transactions in Solana. These servers are configured and maintained by Neon EVM proxy operators.

This guide contains a list of the proxy operator’s duties, as well as instructions to ensure the successful operation of a proxy and the successful execution of transactions.

Duties of a Proxy Operator​

A proxy operator’s main task is to install software on a server to accept a transaction formed according to Ethereum rules, and to ensure its execution in Solana. This involves:

  • Configuring a proxy server to perform the following operations:
    • Receiving requests over Web3 API protocol.
    • Shaping responses using Web3 API protocol.
    • Converting transactions to the Solana format.
  • Connecting a proxy server to a Solana cluster RPC endpoint.
  • Successfully executing transactions.

All operations related to the execution of transactions on Solana are performed by the software installed on your node.

Installation Using Docker​

After you have chosen the node (Neon EVM proxy) that meets the listed recommendations, you can start installing a proxy operator software on it.

Run a Daemon​

Make sure that you have a daemon running. If you see something like:

$ docker info

Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at <docker.sock>. Is the docker daemon running?

you need to run the daemon and PostgreSQL services first:

$ sudo systemctl start docker
$ sudo docker run --rm -ti --network=host -e POSTGRES_HOST=<localhost|postgres> -e POSTGRES_DB=<database> -e POSTGRES_USER=<username> -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=<password> --name=postgres postgres:14.0

The command line options:

  • --rm β€” Delete a container when the command is completed.
  • -ti β€” Allocate a pseudo-TTY connected to the container’s stdin; creating an interactive bash shell in the container.
  • --network host β€” Use the host network.
  • -e POSTGRES_HOST=<localhost|postgres> β€” Specifies DB hosting; localhost is set by default and is recommended; the parameter can be skipped if you use PostgreSQL hosted locally.
  • -e POSTGRES_DB=<database> β€” Specifies the name of DB; neon-db is recommended.
  • -e POSTGRES_USER=<username> β€” Specifies a username of DB; neon-proxy is recommended.
  • -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=<password> β€” Specifies a username's password; neon-proxy-pass is recommended.
  • --name=postgres β€” Specifies a version of PostgreSQL; postgres:14.0 is recommended.


$ sudo docker run --rm -ti --network=host -e POSTGRES_DB=neon-db -e POSTGRES_USER=neon-proxy -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=neon-proxy-pass --name=postgres postgres:14.0

Start a Proxy in a Docker Container​

Create and run a proxy container on the daemon. When starting Docker, you need to set the CONFIG environment variable, which can take one of the following values: local, devnet, testnet.

$ sudo docker run --rm -ti --network=host -e CONFIG=<network> -e POSTGRES_DB=<database> -e POSTGRES_USER=<username> -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=<password> -v <path-to-keypair-file/id.json>:/root/.config/solana/id.json neonlabsorg/proxy:v0.5.1

The command line options:

  • -e CONFIG=<network> β€” Specifies a Solana network configuration; CONFIG=devnet is recommended.
  • -v <path-to-keypair-file/id.json>:/root/.config/solana/id.json β€” Specifies the path to the .JSON file where your keypair is stored and passes your private key to the container.
  • neonlabsorg/proxy:v0.5.1 β€” The specific proxy image.

The option -v <path-to-keypair-file> is only relevant for authorized operators. If you are not yet registered as an operator and are just about to become one, you do not need to specify this option.

This command line will automatically perform all the actions required to launch a Docker container and run a proxy.


$ sudo docker run --rm -ti --network=host -e CONFIG=devnet -e POSTGRES_DB=neon-db -e POSTGRES_USER=neon-proxy -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=neon-proxy-pass neonlabsorg/proxy:v0.5.1

CONFIG values​

Each CONFIG value (devnet/testnet/local), by default, the corresponding variables are set:


When you start Docker, you can override all these parameters by specifying different values for them on the command line. The table below shows default values for the following variables:

devnethttps://api.devnet.solana.com10 (s)60 (slot)localhost1
testnethttps://api.testnet.solana.com15 (s)60 (slot)localhost1
localhttp://localhost:88990,9 (s)10 (slot)localhost0


Specifies a Solana RPC endpoint that a proxy is connecting to. If you specify CONFIG=local and SOLANA_URL=<your node URL>, then the requests of a proxy will be sent to your node.


In Neon EVM, a transaction is run for emulation before execution to determine the accounts that will be involved in it. The NEON_CLI_TIMEOUT variable specifies the time (in seconds) required for a transaction to be executed.

The emulation execution time is affected by the following factors:

  • The geographical distance between a node and proxy.
  • The load of the node due to processing requests at the moment.

Setting the NEON_CLI_TIMEOUT time too short may not be sufficient to complete a transaction and pack it into a block. Therefore, NEON_CLI_TIMEOUT is set to the smallest value for CONFIG = local. Setting the NEON_CLI_TIMEOUT value too high may block other users from accessing this node.


This parameter limits the time (in slots) for blocking an account. If the blocking time for the account exceeds the time specified in this parameter, an attempt will be made to cancel the transaction that blocked this account.


This parameter sets the lowest possible gas price specified in a transaction.


CONFIG defaults the following values for the variable EVM_LOADER:



CONFIG defaults the following values for the variable NEON_TOKEN_MINT:


Prometheus metrics in Proxy​

Proxy Prometheus Metrics​

Metrics titleunitsdescription
request_countcountApp Request Count
request_latency_secondsmsRequest latency
tx_totaltx countIncoming TX Count
tx_success_counttx countCount Of Succeeded Txs
tx_failed_counttx countCount Of Failed Txs
tx_in_progresstx countCount Of Txs Currently Processed
operator_sol_balanceSolsOperator Balance in Sol's
operator_neon_balanceNeonsOperator Balance in Neon's
usd_price_solUSDSol Price USD
usd_price_neonUSDNeon Price USD
gas_pricealansGas Price
operator_feePercentOperator Fee

Indexer Prometheus Metrics​

Metrics titleunitsdescription
tx_sol_spentlamportsHow many lamports being spend in Neon transaction per iteration
tx_neon_incomealansNeons payed for transaction
tx_bpf_per_iterationbpf unitsHow many BPF cycles was used in each iteration
tx_steps_per_iterationstepsHow many steps was used in each iteration
tx_counttx countCount of Neon transactions were completed (independent on status)
tx_canceledtx countCount of Neon transactions were canceled
count_tx_count_by_typetx countCount of transactions by type(single\iter\iter w holder)
count_sol_tx_per_neon_txtx countCount of solana txs within by type(single\iter\iter w holder)
postgres_availability1 or 0 statusPostgres availability
solana_rpc_health1 or 0 statusSolana Node status

Prometheus formulas examples​

Profit and Loss monitoring​

sum (avg by (operator_sol_wallet) (operator_sol_balance) ) * avg by (app) (usd_price_sol) + sum (avg by (operator_neon_wallet) (operator_neon_balance) ) * avg by (app) (usd_price_neon))

Solana Node status​


PostgreSQL DB status​


Prometheus configuration example​

scrape_interval: 15s
evaluation_interval: 15s

- job_name: 'proxy-monitor'
metrics_path: '/'
scrape_interval: 5s
- targets: ['proxy:8888']

- job_name: 'indexer-monitor'
metrics_path: '/'
scrape_interval: 5s
- targets: ['indexer:8887']


Example of execution​

docker exec proxy ./ info


infoPrint full accounts (Solana accounts and Neon accounts, their balance and private key | Resource accounts and their balance) in JSON

Output example​

docker exec proxy ./ info | python3 -m json.tool
info holder-accountsPrint list of Holder accounts owned by operator
docker exec proxy ./ info holder-accounts
info storage-accountsPrint list of Storage accounts owned by operator
docker exec proxy ./ info storage-accounts
info solana-private-keyPrint list of Solana accounts and its private key
docker exec proxy ./ info solana-private-key
BMp6gEnveANdvSvspESJUrNczuHz1GF5UQKjVLCkAZih    [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 99, 114, 88, 57, 110, 109, 112, 70, 52, 110, 56, 98, 85, 81, 122, 52, 74, 118, 77, 100, 77, 57, 106, 101, 84, 53, 86, 81, 102, 117, 117, 70, 51, 87, 102, 89, 98, 90, 111, 71, 56, 119, 55, 84, 82, 53, 53, 84, 56, 76, 85, 107, 54, 52, 50, 121, 110, 116, 68, 90, 121, 53, 121, 65, 54, 76, 86, 112, 109]
info neon-private-keyPrint list of Neon accounts and its private key
docker exec proxy ./ info neon-private-key
0xd1b27c35c47bd37398ad6ab642b1bf63aec0ca43    0xa1b2c3d4e5f68dec7c7bc8c0ff17a12274ca46b6b05ec344b9203d2acb39f5be
info neon-addressPrint list of Neon accounts and their balances plus total balance
docker exec proxy ./ info neon-address
0xb1239ffe4a30d4ad678f42cd5e56ce13c0daf3e9    5.293965780000000000
0x910bc86b92aa1bda080648ae19216e7ebe8dc340 3.511933000000000000
0x181fe64831130575ec6ea6a1de0183464dc13f8f 5.461316080000000000
0xc6e5512efdb0c693c9a78755754f577e2fbb742d 5.969624380000078940
total_balance 49.943540400046476000
info solana-accountsPrint list of Solana accounts balances and Resource accounts balances plus total balance
docker exec proxy ./ info solana-accounts
BMp6gEnveANdvSvspESJUrNczuHz1GF5UQKjVLCkAZih    8,972.619517760
EYb7qSkqS4wSg4wxxawCYThDRMdRhe72W4KdMjAdNbbA 0.913152000
DEG7mDtzEVq4zUGxxajNCnRPLnumSDPQHGMMC4zyPz9h 0.913152000
62MMKXigkapYUDBo1swJRZvyQjH37WPh8SRvpBD5WS4F 0.913152000
BdX7H8cFVJwmmsRjZTYHSfaVVoRGijUkYT3T7FgrdejE 0.913152000
9kPRbbwKL5SYELF4cZqWWFmP88QkKys51DoaUBx8eK73 4,995.719095600
BKLT27mXenjyeoKc7Fn8xkrezrNubuRdzbq19mmxW9vS 0.913152000
Wup8BGZ1HiKPo7iw8owzCpgX5fnw2jVsk9gNLpi3Jtq 0.913152000
5ky8gugmaB9YhVdgrfkwXxeqnQ2V8zEQ9jtxJKC4Ewg1 0.913152000
HhMTo9nvqoiUMiXuDBUfSsbaxUdEicUxVzB7Sb5qZF5C 0.913152000
total_balance 78,913.573017880
resource_balance 54.789120000